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47 Ronin Katana Japanese Samurai Sword Folded Steel Damascus Battle Ready--Ryan1137


Model : ryan1137
Shipping Weight : 2kg Manufactured by : Ryan Sword

Item Introduction

This katana is a replica of a sword from the movie 47 Ronin which was released in 2013. The main plot of the movie was based on actual events that happened in 18th century Japan. The story centers on the plan of 47 leaderless samurai (ronin) to avenge their feudal lord Asano Naganori by killing a court official named Kira Yoshinaka who caused the former to commit seppuku or ritual suicide. In the movie, these magical swords were given by the Tengu, mystical  humanoid creatures with birdlike features. The magical swords were used by the 47 to exact their revenge upon Kira and restore their honor.

The 47 Ronin katana is a blade which differs from the usual concept of a katana. The saya has flat, angled surfaces compared to the curved sides of a traditional saya. Instead of a kurikata, it has a metal kaeritsuno, shaped like a bird's claw, to hold the sageo. The tsuka is made of hardwood and has no fuchi, kashira and menuki. Only the middle portion of the tsuka is wrapped with ito. The shinogi zukuri blade is made of folded 1060 carbon steel with a beautiful grain pattern.

Overall Length : 107cm / 42" Nagasa(Blade) : 71cm / 27.9"
Tsuka(Handle) : 30cm/11.8" Motohaba(width near habaki) : 3.15cm
Sakihaba(width near yokote) : 2.3cm Sori(Curve) : 1.9cm
Kasane(thickness at habaki) : 7.5mm Sakikasane(thickness at yokote) : 3mm
Blade : Maru, Folded Steel Saya Material : Hardwood+Buffalo horn
Handle Material : Hardwood Tsuba : Alloy

1) The sword will go with a free sword bag and a pair of spare Mekugies(bamboo nails).

2) The display stand is NOT included.

3) Our products are 100% handmade, so specification varies slightly from sword to sword. We appreciate your understanding.

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