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Brisingr is another sword of the protagonist Eragon in the movie and novel of the same name. The forging of Brisingr is attributed to Rhunön, the great elf smith who forge the swords of all Dragon Riders. However Rhunön, forged Brisingr using Eragon's body with the aid of some magic in keeping with her oath not to make any Dragon Rider's blade anymore.

Ryansword's Brisingr is a faithful reproduction of Eragon's sword from the movie. The blade is double-edged with acurved, iron handguard. The blade and sheath are of blue color. The handle,which is designed to accomodate two-handed handling, is wrapped in blue cord and ends with a faux sapphire as a pommel. The blue color on the blade can be scratched if the sword is used on hard targets.

Overall Length : 125cm / 49.2" Blade Length : 89cm / 35"
Handle Length : 27cm / 10.6" Width at Handguard : 4.5cm
Thickness at Handguard : 0.6cm Blade Material : 1095 High Carbon Steel
Fitting Material : Iron Weight without Sheath : 1.6Kg / 3.5lb
Sheath Material : Hardwood

1) Don't cut hard things with the sword, the color film will be scratched. We can make the blade without color if you want to cut hard things.
2) The display stand is NOT included.
3) Our products are 100% handmade, so specification varies slightly from sword to sword. We appreciate your understanding.

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