Naginata Japanese Sword Shihozume Clay Tempered Unokubi-Zukuri Blade Ryaskin Saya--Ryan872

Item Introduction

The blade is naginata style, it's shihozeme structure and hand-abrasived, the haze on the blade is the result of hazuya polish. The handle is shortened due to size limit on shipping package. It's wrapped with one-piece genuine rayskin and synthetic silk ito. The saya is partially wrapped with genuine rayskin, koiguchi and kurigata are buffalo horn. The fittings are made of copper. The sword is fully customizable.

Overall Length : 120cm / 47.2 Nagasa(Blade) : 71cm / 27.9
Tsuka(Handle) : 40cm / 15.7 Motohaba(width near habaki) : 3.15cm
Sakihaba(width near yokote) : 2.3cm Sori(curve) : 2.7cm
Kasane(thickness at habaki) : 7.5mm Sakikasane(thickness at yokote) : 3mm
Blade : Shihozume, 1095 High Carbon Steel+Folded Steel+Iron+1060 Carbon Steel Saya Material : Hardwood+Buffalo Horn+Rayskin
Handle Material : Hardwood+Genuine Rayskin Tsuba : Copper, 83*79*5mm

1) The sword will go with a free sword bag and spare Mekugies(bamboo nails).

2) The display stand is NOT included.

3) Our products are 100% handmade, so specification varies slightly from sword to sword, please understand.

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