Tang Dao Straight Blade Clay Tempered Chinese Sword Genuine Full Rayskin Green--rsd408

Item Introduction

Dao refers to a variety of single-edged swords common throughout Chinese history and is one of the four traditional weapons together with the staff (gun), spear (qiang) and the double-edged sword (jian). The dao has many variants which evolved throughout the various dynastic rule in China with e#ach variant suited for the intended battlefield use. The style of dao which proliferated during the Tang Dynasty (7th - 10th century A.D.) was a sword which was straight along blade's entire length.

Ryan408 Tang Dao has a blade made of 1095 high carbon steel, it's differentially-hardened and designed for chopping and taking on hard targets. A natural hamon is visible in its narrow, cutting edge. All the fittings on this sword are made of brass. The scabbard is made of hardwood and fully-wrapped with rayskin with a smooth, lacquer finish. The handle is designed to be held with either two hands or single-handedly. The handle, from which a tassel hangs, has a wooden core and fully-wrapped with colored rayskin.

Shipping Weight : 2.5kg Blade Material : 1095 High Carbon Steel
Blade Length : 71cm Handle Length : 27cm
Width at Handguard : 3.2cm Thickness at Handguard : 7.5mm
Width near Tip : 2.4cm Thickness near Tip : 3.5mm
POB : 15cm Weight without Scabbard : 1380g
Fitting Material : Brass Scabbard : Hardwood+Gennuine Rayskin

The swords are handmade, slight difference exists. We appreciate your understanding.

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