Two-Piece Japanese Yari 55" long 1095 Carbon Steel Blade Stainless Steel Handle--Ryan1222

Item Introduction

The Japanese yari first appeared in the Kamakura period (14'th century), they were most often used by ashigaru soldiers to pierce their opponents' armors and form walls against cavalry units. This yari has a triangle shape blade. It has a “bobi” type groove on each side and a round kerabuki (shoulder).The blade and the handle under it is one piece, it is 80cm long and made of 1095 high carbon steel. The second part is 60cm long and made of stainless steel. The two parts connect together with a very durable inner screw, making it a solid unit. The overall length is 140cm and weight is 5.63kg.

Shipping Weight : 6kg Overall Length : 140cm / 55"
Blade Material : 1095 High Carbon Steel Blade Length : 29cm / 11.4"
Weight : 5.63kg / 12.4lb

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