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Walking Dead Sword---Michonne's Katana Zombie Killer-Folded Steel Battle Ready--Ryan863

$162.00 US $180.00 / piece

Model : ryan863
Shipping Weight : 2.5kg Manufactured by : Ryan Sword

Item Introduction

The Walking Dead is a popular television series based on a comic book series of the same name. The series which started airing in 2010, features a post-zombie apocalypse world where humans struggle to survive against zombie attacks and aggression from other humans.  

Michonne is a character in the series, well known for her katana which she uses to defend herself and her companions from zombies and other aggressors.

The Ryansword Michonne's Katana is a battle-ready replica of the katana in the series. The blade is made of folded steel with a beautiful grain pattern. The saya is made of hardwood wrapped in brown, synthetic leather and fitted with an adjustable leather sling. The tsuka and the upper half of the saya is wrapped with white, synthetic silk ito.

As with all our swords, this piece is fully customizable as regards to blade material,  forging process,  heat treatment, blade geometry,  saya material, ito material, fittings, color and any other aspect that a customer may require.

Overall Length : 103cm / 40.6" Nagasa(Blade) : 71cm / 27.9"
Tsuka(Handle) : 27cm / 10.6" Motohaba(width near habaki) : 3.15cm
Sakihaba(width near yokote) : 2.3cm Sori(curve) : 1.9cm
Kasane(thickness at habaki) : 7.5mm Sakikasane(thickness at yokote) : 3mm
Blade : Maru, Folded Steel Saya Material : Hardwood+Leather
Handle Material : Hardwood+Genuine Rayskin Tsuba : Copper

1) The sword will go with a free sword bag and spare Mekugies(bamboo nails).

2) The display stand is NOT included.

3) Our products are 100% handmade, so specification varies slightly from sword to sword. We appreciate your understanding.

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