Yanling Qing Dao Chinese Sword Folded Steel Blade Brass Fittings--sgl5020

Item Introduction

In Chinese language, the word "dao" usually refers to any single-edged blade. Single-edged blades had been used in China as early as the Shang Dynasty and the dao has taken several variations throughout the different dynasties. 

The Qing Dao is the single-edged blade used during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912). It was a common cavalry and infantry weapon characterized by a single-edge, slightly-curved and single-handed blade. It is a sturdy weapon which is good for chopping and slashing. The slight curve also makes it effective in the thrust. 

The Yanling Qing Dao has a beautiful blade made of folded steel. The scabbard is hardwood with red laquer and brass ornaments. The handle is hardwood wrapped with black cotton cord for additional grip. The disk-shaped handguard is made of brass.

Shipping Weight : 2.5kg Blade Material : Folded Steel
Blade Length : 80cm Handle Length : 20cm
Width at Handguard : 3.9cm Thickness at Handguard : 6.0mm
Width near Tip : 3.6cm Thickness near Tip : 3.0mm
POB : 8.5cm Weight without Scabbard : 1250g
Fitting Material : Brass Scabbard : Redwood

The swords are handmade, slight difference exists. We appreciate your understanding.
The wrapping on the handle can be removed or changed to other colors.

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