Zar'roc Eragon Movie Sword Handmade 1095 High Carbon Steel Red Blade--Ryan1324

Item Introduction

Zar'roc was a sword in the novel and movie entitled Eragon. In the novel, Zar'roc was forged by the elven smith Rhunön, who also forged the swords of all Dragon Riders. This sword originally belonged to the Rider Morzan and was used to kill many other Riders. It was used by Eragon, the protagonist in the novel but ultimately became the possession of Morzan's son Murtagh.Ryansword's Zar'roc has a blade made of through-hardened 1095 blade with a large, brass crossguard. The handle is wrapped with silver-colored wire and ends in a pommel with faux ruby. Both the blade and the sheath are engraved with a black symbol which means "misery". The blade and the sheath of Zar'roc are painted with red enamel.

Blade Length : 79cm / 31" Handle Length : 21cm / 8.3"
Width at Handguard : 5cm Thickness at Handguard : 7mm
Blade Material : 1095 High Carbon Steel Fitting Material : Brass
Weight without Sheath : 1.8Kg / 4lb

1). Cutting hard targets will scratch the color coating of the blade. The blade can be made without color if intended to be used on targets that may damage its coating.
2). Display stand is NOT included.

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