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The Longquan sword technique can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn Peroid (770- 476 BC). It is said that Ou Yezi, a sword-making master of the State of Yue, crafted three precious swords, called longyuan, tai'e and gongbu, at the foot of Qinxi Mountain in Longquan. The technique has since then been passed down over the past 2,500 years by generations of dexterous sword crafters. The Longquan Sword shines bright among China's vast array of swords. It features perfect sharpness, cold glitter, optimal integration of the metal's hardness and softness, and exquisite carving on its blade, scabbard and rosewood handle.

Our founder is Shen Tingzhang,a legend in the vibrant history of the Longquan Sword. Shen's great grandfather was a blacksmith. He mainly cast iron farm tools and his workshop had a considerable reputation. Shen Tingzhang opened the Sword Workshop in 1892. He stunned the trade in 1911 because his sword pierced three copper coins in a local competition, and chopped his competitor's sword in half.

Since then, the workshop has always been a guarantee of high quality Longquan Sword. It lasts for several generations in the pattern of "succeeding to father's chairmanship" Now It’s the only sword workshop in Longquan entitled as China Time-Hornered Brand Sword Manufacturer.

Master Xinpei Shen and Zhou Shen are the most famous sword smiths in China now. During the past 13 years,with Mr.Ryan together,They continue the exquiesite craftsmanship of Chinese swords, and develop the Japanese swords and other popular swords for all the swords fans and collectors in the world. They esteblished the new brand "Ryansword" for the Japanese swords and other style swords. With the "Shen Guanglong" together,the brands are very popular and famous in China.

Our service:

Our target is not only selling sword, we are helping the customers to get a right sword they really need. We do customization, we recommend, we help to offer solution, because we are professional, we are not only a seller. We will not recommend a high price sword for collection to a hunter just for more profit that is why customers trust us when they set up a business relationship with us. Too many words means nothing, our production maybe can be copied, but our service cannot.

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