Why is ryansword

Why Ryansword?

Before you ask this question.......
Yes, I will answer you that,
"Why I must choose Ryansword.com, while there are so many sword makers around.....?"

I remember when some customers ask me to introduce them a sword......
I will tell them, use your eyes with heart.......you will call out the sword you like from Ryansword.com

"You choose sword, the sword will choose it's master too!".
Swords have life and spirits. They know who to choose for......

For all who bought from us before or came to our website, we treat all as our very good friend and I believe it is the fate between you, Ryansword and our swords. I do not really think that the low price we are selling is the main reason.

After more than 5 years in the business, we had gained a lot of achievements in techniques, very
exquisite skilled smiths, effort on research R&D, and of course, we are able to get a lot of true friends.

For me, profits is important, but it always come to 2nd. Satisfaction of qualities and services are my main priorities. I admitted that I cannot make all to be happy, but we are happy that the majority are satisfy with us.

To thank for all the support, we will keep continue to upgrade ourselves and do our best in quality and services.

Thanks again from me and my team!

Ryan Cheng....