Answer: No. Hand-made sword is not a tool; it combined the craftsman and culture. Price of sword not only reflects the quality and function, but also the culture and making process. So we shouldn't tell a sword only by price. We have a guide about sword on our website; it will be helpful for you to choose a right sword before you place your order. Please click "sword guide"
Answer: Swords are special goods, they are forbidden to have in some countries. So our productions can't be sent to all over the world. We only offer the service to the counties where we can ship. So if you can't place your order after you register with real necessary information that means we can't ship the sword to your country. If you can place your order, but you can't pay it, that means your country Customs will not complete accept the sword, there exist the risk of sending back to us. So please contact us when you meet this during your purchasing, we will tell you the updated information.
Answer: The materials of handmade swords are carbon steel, it will get rust during storage, so oil the blade is a must. If you are not planning to disassemble the sword, you can only oil the blade with the Chojioil(special for sword).Compress oil and motor oil will be ok if you have no Choji oil. Please oil the blade once a month or every time you use it.You can also clean and oil the whole blade with the tang together after you disassemble it if you are familiar with sword. A maintenance kit is helpful if you want to do this. Whatever, please be careful when you do maintenance.
Answer: Most of our productions can be customized, including the regular customization such as changing fittings, materials, name engrave, and some special customization for example making process, blade length, balance point, cutting edge structure and so on according to your usage, . You can click "fittings available" on our website to see the items you want. You need to contact us with detail information about your customization request, by this way; you can even "DIY" a sword by yourself. Some fittings changing are free but not all, most special customization are not free, it will increase 5-15% according your different request. And, regular customization needs no extra time, but the special will need about 10-25 days longer time.
Answer: The sword will be sent out in 3-5 days after you pay it if you didn't ask special customization. The deliver time is about 7-12 days, China EMS express, door to door. You will get your sword in about 15-20 days after you pay it as long as customs will not send it back. We can't assure none of the sword will be sent back by customs because of the unpredicted reasons. We will resend it to you for free if the address you offered is correct. If the sword was sent back by your post office because of the wrong address, then you need pay the shipping again to get it back. By the way, we will give the replace part for free if they are unfortunately damaged during the shipping as long as you send us a clear picture by email.
Answer: No. Sword is more than a tool. So sharpness is not the only standard to tell better or worse. The kind of cutting edge is totally demonstrated by different usage. For safety, a beginner should choose an unsharpened one. For actually fight, the blade is designed into two parts, the front part is sharp for cutting, the end part is not that sharp for blocking. So it is not correct to tell a blade only by sharpness. There are three kind of typical cutting edge style (see the pic below). The first kind of cutting edge is for "heavy cut", it feels not very sharp; it is designed to cut such as iron pail, armor, big bone or other very hard things. The second one is a balanced one, it feels sharp and most of the blades are made this way. Iron wire, thin iron pail, bamboos, woods and thin bone are all ok for it. The style of the third kind of cutting edge is razor sharp; it is good enough for cutting "not hard thing", such as mat, bamboo, paper and so on. The razor sharp cutting edge will chip if we cut very hard thing, for example thick iron pail, it is nothing to do with the blade material, but the structure of the cutting edge.

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