Crane Jian Chinese Sword Double Edge Ebony Scabbard Hand-Carved Brass Fittings--sgl3083

Item Specification

Shipping Weight : 2.5kg Blade Material : Folded Steel
Blade Length : 78cm Handle Length : 28cm
Width at Handguard : 3.5mm Thickness at Handguard : 8.0mm
Width near Tip : 2.8cm Thickness near Tip : 3.0mm
POB : 10cm Weight without Scabbard : 1260g
Fitting Material : Brass Scabbard : Ebony

Cranes and pines are important motifs in Chinese mythology.The crane is a symbol of happiness and long life. The pine is one of the three friends of winter,they together symbolize steadfastness, perseverance, and resilience. **The swords are handmade, slight difference exists. We appreciate your understanding.

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