Handmade Cane Sword Chinese Jian Double Edge Brass Fittings--sgl3086

Item Introduction

When the sword is locked, it's a walking stick. The handle and stick(scabbard) are made of ebony, a type of high-density wood with fine texture. There's a non-slip mat at the end of stick. Push the button on the handle, the sword is unlocked, the scabbard is released. The blade is made of folded steel, wire-brush grains are clearly visible. The lock and fittings are made of brass. The patterns on the ornamanes of scabbard are hand-engraved. The length can be customized according to user's height.

Shipping Weight : 2.0Kg Blade Material : Folded Steel
Overall Length : 96cm / 37.8 Blade Length : 78cm / 30.7
Handle Length : 18cm / 7.1 Width at Handguard : 2.3cm
Thickness at Handguard : 5mm Weight without Scabbard : 1200g
Fitting Material : Brass Scabbard : Ebony

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