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In the HBO Series Game of Thrones,  Longclaw is an ancestral bastard sword of House Mormont and is made of Valerian steel. It has been in the Mormont's possession for five hundred years. 

Longclaw was given to Jon Snow by Lord Commander Jeor Mormont after he saved the latter from a wight attack. 

Ryansword's version of Longclaw is made of folded 1095 high carbon steel.  The high carbon content of the blade means it is very tough and retains an edge very well while the folding process adds a beautiful hada or grain pattern to the blade. The blade is full tang and the handle is wrapped in black cord for added grip.

Overall Length : 119cm / 46.9 Blade Length : 88cm / 35
Handle Length : 28cm / 11 Width at Handguard : 5.5cm
Thickness at Handguard : 0.6cm Blade Material : 1095 High Carbon Steel
Fitting Material : Iron Weight without Sheath : 1.4Kg / 3.1lb
Shipping Weight : 2.0Kg Blade : Maru, 1095 folded steel

1) No sheath. During shipping we'll use a synthetic leather cover to protect the blade.
2) The display stand is NOT included.
3) Our products are 100% handmade, so specification varies slightly from sword to sword, please understand.

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