Oxscull Han Jian-Handmade Chinese Sword Octahedral Double Edge Iron Fittings --sgl6006

Item Introduction

The Jian is a Chinese double-edged straight sword. The earliest records of a jian dates back to the 7th century BCE. The first jians were mostly made of bronze and then progressed to iron and then steel with advances in metallurgy. The jian's form varied slightly during the different dynasties in China but with the main feature of being double-edged and straight retained.
This product is a beautiful reproduction of the sword in the Han dynasty (B.C 202-A.D 220). The blade is made of folded steel and octahedral, folding grains are clearly visible. The handle is designed to be held by one hand and is made of hardwood wrapped in black waxed cotton cord and black nylon cord. The handle ends in a flat, han-carved iron pommel. The handguard is iron and hand-carved, it uses oxscull, oxscull symbolizes prodigious strength and valor. The ornaments in the scabbard are also made of iron, hand-carved. The scabbard is made of ebony, a type of high-density wood with beautiful vein.
The sword is functional, it’s an artwork for collection.

Shipping Weight : 2.5kg Blade Material : Folded Steel
Blade Length : 73cm Handle Length : 30cm
Width at Handguard : 3.6cm Thickness at Handguard : 8.0mm
Width near Tip : 2.8cm Thickness near Tip : 3.0mm
POB : 11cm Weight without Scabbard : 1300g
Fitting Material : Iron Scabbard : Ebony

1) Our products are 100% handmade, so specification varies slightly from sword to sword. We appreciate your understanding.

2)The blade is sharp by default, if you want a dull blade please leave message in the order.

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