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Tachi Clay Tempered 1095 Carbon Steel Folded Blade Full-Rayskin Saya--Ryan1331


Model : ryan1331
Shipping Weight : 3kg Manufactured by : Ryan Sword

Item Introduction

Another of our newly-released blades is a beautiful tachi. The tachi is a Japanese blade worn by the samurai class and came to prominence during the Koto Period (900-1596 AD). The tachi is a predecessor of the katana and differs from the katana in terms of blade geometry and mountings. The tachi has greater blade curvature and more tapered from the hilt (kasane) to the tip (sakikasane). It was worn horizontally through hangers called ashi and with the cutting edge down.
This tachi is made of differentially heat-treated folded 1095 high carbon steel with a beautiful notare or wave hamon. The saya is fully-wrapped in genuine,  polished rayskin and then laquered to give it a smooth, shiny finish. The tsuka is hardwood and fully-wrapped with genuine, white rayskin. The ito is black synthetic silk. The sageo or cord wrapping on the ashi is also black synthetic silk. The kabuto-gane, menuki, fuchi, koiguchi, ashi, semegane and sayajiri are all made of copper and depict various flowers and shishi or lion-dogs. Flowers have a deep importance in Japanese culture and signify treasured virtues essential in the life of a warrior. Shishi are common in many Asian cultures and are known as guardians or protectors of temples and hallowed grounds.
Other specifications are as follows:

Overall Length : 104cm / 40.9" Nagasa(Blade) : 71cm / 27.9"
Tsuka(Handle) : 27cm / 10.6" Motohaba(width near habaki) : 3.15cm
Sakihaba(width near yokote) : 2.3cm Sori(curve) : 2.2cm
Kasane(thickness at habaki) : 7.5mm Sakikasane(thickness at yokote) : 3mm
Blade : Maru, Folded 1095 High Carbon Steel Saya Material : Hardwood+Genuine Rayskin+Buffalo Horn
Handle Material : Hardwood+Genuine Rayskin Tsuba : Copper
Weight without saya : 1200g

1) The sword will go with a free sword bag and a pair of spare Mekugies(bamboo nails).
2) Our products are 103% handmade, so specification varies slightly from sword to sword. We appreciate your understanding.

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