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Eldoris Messer Straight Blade Long Sword Folded Steel--Ryan1183

$180.00 US $200.00 / piece

Model : ryan1183
Shipping Weight : 6kg Manufactured by : Ryan Sword

Item Introduction

This is another verion of Eldoris Messer (ryan1199). The blade is made of folded steel, grains of folded steel are clearly visible. There's no saya for this sword, a synthetic leather cover is used to protect the blade.

Lovingly dubbed the "Falmessertana" the Eldoris Messer is a collaboration between Mr. Eldoris Gardner and Ryan Sword to create a functional, yet affordable back yard cutter. Borrowing from several popular designs, this sword combines the cutting ability of the katana with the superior balance of an European bastard sword. The desire when producing this sword was to have an affordable, durable blade capable of performing not just as a chopper, but to perform technical cuts as well. Form follows function in this design, with a razor sharp edge, as well as a false edge running 9" along the back of the blade. The combination of a distal taper and a half fuller bring the balance very close to the hand and makes this sword feel light and agile. Many long sword techniques (as well as true messer techniques) use the guard as a vital part of the arsenal. The one piece guard draws from the Messer style ring guard. It is simple, yet highly functional providing optimal protection for the hand. Many people come to the sword hobby wanting to have a "real sword" and having to compromise between what they want, and what they can afford. You don't have to compromise between balance, weight, material quality, cutting ability and durability. We stepped away from tradition to bring you the best sub 400 dollar cutter on the market. Sword comes standard with a med cutting geometry. This edge is a good compromise between sharpness and durability allowing the user to perform draw/push cuts with ease but resisting rolling on med/hard targets. You asked the question, here is your answer. Now go cut something!

* Please note, edge geometry and steel type may be chosen by the individual and may impact weight.

Overall Length : 108cm / 42.5" Blade Length : 82.5cm / 32.5"
Handle Length : 25cm / 9.9" Blade : Maru, Folded Steel
Handle Material : Hardwood+Wax Cord Fitting Material : Iron/Copper
Weight without saya : 1.18kg/2.6lbs POB : 10.2cm/4

1) The display stand is NOT included.

2) Our products are 100% handmade, so specification varies slightly from sword to sword. We appreciate your understanding.

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