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Viking Sword Damascus 1095 Folded Steel--Ryan1367


Model : ryan1367
Shipping Weight : 2.5kg Manufactured by : Ryan Sword

Item Introduction

Ryan1367 is a replica of a Viking sword. The Vikings were Scandinavian people which flourished around 700 - 1100 AD. They were known for their boat-building and good seamanship which helped their expansion and trading activity. Vikings were thought to be very fierce in battle and favor using swords, battle axes and round wooden shields. Unearthed Viking swords show that the Vikings had an advanced knowledge in sword-making often pattern welding the blades and adding intricate adornments.

In keeping with the Viking style of swordmaking, the blade of Ryan1367 is made of folded 1095 steel with a beautiful folding pattern. The pattern is wave-like along the edges and concentric whorls in the middle of the blade. The handle is wrapped with synthetic leather for comfort and better grip. The handguard and pommel are made of iron. The pommel is screwed to the tang, the tang is full.

Blade Length : 67cm / 26.4 Handle Length(with pommel) : 18cm / 7.1
Width at Handguard : 5.3cm Thickness at Handguard : 6mm
Width at Tip : 3.2cm Thickness at Tip : 3.5mm
Blade Material : 1095 Folded Steel Handguard Material : Iron
Weight : 1.54kg / 3.4lb

1) Our products are 100% handmade, so specification varies slightly from sword to sword. We appreciate your understanding.
2) The sword will be shipped with a synthetic leather cover. Please contact us if you want a real sheath.

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