Handmade Medieval European Sword Broadsword Folded Steel Iron Fittings Full Tang--Ryan1333

Item Introduction

Another of our new sword designs is this beautiful piece with a medieval European design. The blade is made of folded steel and it is with this blade that we have taken blade steel folding to another level. Aside from the wavy grain or Damascus pattern that can be seen in other folded steel blades, we have added another dimension in steel folding which resulted in a feather or fire-like pattern on the blade. A flame design is hand-engraved on the solid, iron handguard to complement the feather or fire-like pattern on the blade. This blade is solidly built, full tang and the handle is made of hardwood and ends in an iron pommel. As with our other swords, this piece is fully customizable.

Blade Length : 61cm / 24" Handle Length : 21cm / 8.3"
Blade width near handle : 4.3cm Blade thickness near handle : 0.7cm
Blade width near tip : 2.5cm Blade thickness near tip : 0.4cm
Blade : Folded Steel Fitting Material : Iron
Handle Material : Wood Weight without sheath : 1.28kg

1) No sheath. During shipping we'll use a synthetic leather cover to protect the blade.
2) The display stand is NOT included.
3) Our products are 100% handmade, so specification varies slightly from sword to sword. We appreciate your understanding.

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