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Conan Atlantean Handmade Sword Damascus Steel Strong Blade Heavy Cutting--Ryan1281

$360.00 US $400.00 / piece

Model : ryan1281
Shipping Weight : 5kg Manufactured by : Ryan Sword

Item Introduction

Conan, most commonly known as Conan the Barbarian was a fictional character created by writer Robert E. Howard in 1932. Conan was a sword-welding hero popularized in the 1982 and 1984 films which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and in 2011 by Jason Momoa.

Ryansword's "Conan the Destroyer" sword is a replica of the sword used in the Conan films. It is a sturdily-built sword with a blade made of Damascus steel. The blade is full tang and ends in an intricately-designed handle. The brass fittings are oxidized to give it a dark appearance and the handle is wrapped in brown cotton cord. The sword comes with a leather sheath with a sling attachment.

Another version of the sword can be seen in this link:

Conan Destroyer Handmade Claymore Sword Carbon Steel Strong Blade Heavy Cutting--Ryan852

Here are some specifications for the Conan the Destroyer sword:

Overall Length : 100cm / 39.4" Blade Length : 72cm / 28.4"
Handle Length : 25cm / 9.85" Blade Material : Damascus Steel
Fittings Material : Brass Sheath Material : Leather
Weight without sheath : 2.35kg / 5.18lb Waist Girth of the Belt : 104-123cm/ 40.9-48.4"

The sword will go with a free leather sheath and a waist belt. The leather color can be changed to black.

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