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Item Introduction

The Gladius was a sword popularized by the Legions at the height of Roman Empire. It is a double-edge sword with a sharp, tapering tip. It was a very effective close-quarter weapon which very well complements the fighting style of the Roman legions. It is well suited for thrusting, stabbing, slashing and chopping. Historical accounts of various forms of gladius indicate that its blade lenght ranges from around 18 to 28 inches. The handle had ridges to provide better grip and ended in a knob.

Overall Length : 68cm / 26.7" Blade Length : 50cm / 19.7"
Handle Length : 18cm / 7" Blade Width : 4cm
Blade Thickness : 6mm Weight?with scabbard) : 2.0kg/5.4lb
Blade : 1095 High Carbon Steel Accessory : Brass
Sheath : Huali Wood Weight wihtout sheath : 0.9kg/2.0lb

1) The tip area is designed to be unsharp.

2) Our products are 100% handmade, so specification varies slightly from sword to sword. We appreciate your understanding.

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